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Living with snakes can pose a significant threat to our well-being, especially our children and pets. We can see snakes from the gardens and patios of houses, buildings, shops and farms.

Our Procedure to eliminate snake and snake pests

At Tiger Pest Control Co., we take the necessary steps to get rid of snake infestations and prevent their next incursion into homes. TPC, one of the leading pest control companies in Dhaka, specializes in removing snakes and snake germs from home or anywhere else. near your property. Snakes are usually shy animals that don’t need to interact with humans. They can be useful because they eat rodents, snails, worms, bugs and other insects, and at the same time they can be Food for other wildlife such as hawks. We use various methods to remove infested snakes from your home or desired location. From the steps to avoid them to their complete elimination, our specialists are responsible for carrying out the entire procedure. TPC’s snake pest control process is non-toxic to the environment, humans, or even pets. If the snake is removed, our staff will assess critical points or the physical location of the home to prevent future snake infestations that could cause problems. Our snake management service consists of an assessment to establish a series of physical steps to prevent snakes, together with expert defensive therapy, non-toxic and respectful of the environment, pets and people.

Snake Bites

Having a snake infestation in your home is dangerous as it increases the chances of being bitten. It’s even more toxic if the snakes are proven to be contaminated. A large number of bites occurs when performing routine tasks such as farming, gardening. Snakes make the best of bushes. , bushes or areas that are not readily available for hiding. But if we get close to them, they can be threatened and attacked.Because of this, it is incredibly dangerous in children. They have a more compact figure, thanks to which the toxin acts faster and with greater force.

Bites Of Poisonous Snakes

It might help if you went to the nearest hospital or clinic as you cannot predict the effects snake venom can have on each person’s body. The results of the venom are different in each species of snake. On the other hand, the most acute toxin cases can be fatal. Hospitals have specific medications and antidotes for each snake bite, so until you are bitten by a venomous snake, seek medical attention whenever possible. Fortunately, venomous snakes are not deadly in Dhaka.But the dangerous power of snakes should not be underestimated as the impact they will have on any individual recipient is unknown.

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Necessary Things Related To Venomous And Non-Venomous Snakes That Will Help You To Chase

Snakes are dangerous to pets. They eat ornamental fish, toads and even small cats. Don’t lie near a snake. They’re not too harmful and toxic, and they can also leave a scar on your face, which explains why you don’t have to bend down and keep your distance when trying to remove them. Snakes are seasonal creatures.Despite their love of heat, many snakes become lethargic in hot weather. They overwinter in summer. Similar behaviors occur in winter. a cold creeps back into the sun. Therefore it is possible that they enjoy the sun on the sidewalk.Snakes will be the queens of pleasure attacks. They can easily go for many weeks without food. They also do well with using a small dam for a period of time. Snakes are the most voracious creatures there are. Vibration of the ground so you can feel people’s footsteps.Otherwise the snakes have youth. They also reproduce in different ways. Also, others take their eggs into their bodies. Urbanization brings them closer to people. Snakes per se are not exuberant in human areas.They are afraid of lawn mowers, cars and ground shaking. But people cut down wood and also the natural habitat of the snakes, so that they look everywhere for food and shelter.

We Offer Most Effective Snake Protection

Bugs never stop trying to invade your home. TPC® never stops working to keep them out. We are the longest established Pest Control Service Provider in Bangladesh with more than 90 years of snake and pest control experience in Dhaka. TPC offers guaranteed protection against spiders, cockroaches, ants and many other insects. And if the bugs come back, we’ll do it too, at no cost to you.

Contact Snake Removal Professionals

The safety of your family should be your priority, and when that is the case, doing whatever it takes to keep your home snake-free is a sacrifice worth making. Snake pest control technicians are inescapable. Another reason why you need the support of professionals. It is dangerous as you may not be able to identify the exact species of snake that is bothering you in your own home, whether or not it is venomous. Your best interest to contact us at TPC to solve your snake related problems efficiently..

Bites Of Non-Venomous Snakes

In the face of a non-venomous snakebite, the ideal is to act like a venomous snakebite. In other words, even go to the doctor to confirm that the bite wasn’t venomous. Generally, these sandwiches are treated like a wound, meaning the region is disinfected to allow it to heal properly. On the other hand, the medium can prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection if he sees fit.

Tips To Avoid Snakes And Snakes

  • Prevent weeds. Mow the lawn regularly.

  • Prune the bushes, since they may be a refuge for snakes. Require the sealing steps that we advocate in cracks and slits, put weatherstrips under doorways, etc.

  • Don’t leave open doors and windows of gardens and patios.

  • Snakes like cold and wet places and might take the opportunity to adapt in kitchens and semi-basements, in addition to ground floors.

  • Maintain the fleas of insects and rodents under control, since they can be a source of food and also a fascination for snakes. But not worry if you’ve any pest of the sort, our firm will perform a joint therapy.

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