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We are Tiger Pest Control Co. providers in Bangladesh

About Our Company

One of the largest and most integrated pest control services is performed by Tiger Pest Control Service BD. From 1995 to present, we have been doing pest control all over Bangladesh including the capital. If you want to find us, please search Pest Control , Tiger Pest Control Co, Pest Control Service, Tiger Pest Control Co, Tiger Pest Control Co, Pest Control Services Dhaka, Tiger Pest Control Co, Pest Control Dhaka , pest control in BD , pest control BD, pest control Bangladesh, tiger pest control  also search Tiger Pest Control Co, BD pest control, pest control near me, home pest control service, pest control in Dhaka Bangladesh, pest control company, pest control in Uttara, pest control in Dhanmondi, best pest control company in Dhaka, tiger pest control co, pest control service in Bangladesh.

Our services can be divided into two areas. One is where you can book appointments from our team in advance. Here our team will be at your door for the first visit according to the this way, they can create a plan of different steps that need to be taken afterwards to get rid of these pests. Then, on the second visit, they will get to work and tell you how many days it will take to cover the entire area. Another service is the emergency service, for which our departments are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Both services are effective for any pest infestation, from your home to your office.

These services have been developed to provide maximum convenience for employers. As one of the most fundamental pest control service providers in Bangladesh, we take responsibility for our work as we understand how needy our employers can feel. 


Our Mission

Acting more responsibly without jeopardizing the promise of pest elimination inspired us to offer an alternative solution in Bangladesh. That’s why we’ve developed a science-backed, non-toxic solution to eliminate pests of all kinds.

Our Vission

Pest control services with the highest levels of integrity, customer service, and safety.

Our Values

We strive to be at the forefront of new technologies, techniques, and products that will enable us to deliver our services in a more efficient manner.

Who We Are

The Best Tiger Pest Control Co. Service Company in Bangladesh

Requiring a pest control service is not common in our country. You may be nervous about the number of organizations offering the same promises. Our service stands out from the crowd because we are always just a phone call away. We are happy to offer everything that we have promised. Through the process of controlling insects, cleaning and disinfecting them even more, we leave no room for the same insect attacks to be repeated.With our service, your home will shine like a newly bought diamond. Are you looking for a pest control specialist who can provide professional pest solutions? We can help you find the best pest control companies in your area. Bangladesh also has many pest control companies. Here are the full details about pest control companies in Bangladesh and pest control companies in Bangladesh at Tiger Pest Control Co. Commercial pest control contractors with verified resources work with us. Search pest control near me and you will find pest control companies near me. BD pest control is the right choice. Keep your home, office or workplace free from all kinds of pests.


Tiger Pest Control Co. has contracted with a Bangladesh pest control company with proven resources. This company has experience in pest control. As a genuine Pest Control Service Provider in Bangladesh, hire us for Pest Control Services. You can find service providers here. A Bangladesh pest control company with proven resources was hired by Tiger Pest Control Co.This company has experience in pest control. As a real pest control service provider in Bangladesh, hire us for pest control services. bd Pest Control, Pest Control Service Providers can be found here.Take a look at our reviews Whenever you come across an issue in your home that needs your attention, we are happy to offer indoor pest control services free of charge. We will assess, identify, provide a solution and properly treat any pest or horticultural issue within your budget. We provide pest control services in BD at reasonable price. Easy and Convenient: Our BD pest control service is easy and convenient to order. With our pest control service, you can easily hire experts.You will be visited by our pest control or cleaning expert from Bangladesh from our pest control service provider.


We Serve Many Industries

Multi Unit Apartment

Give us a few days and we will clean every corner of the apartment from the most stubborn pest infestation. Different measurements result depending on the architecture of the drive.

Health Care

Aside from hospitals, there are other healthcare complexes where our service might be needed. We are happy to make it available for the benefit of healthcare professionals and patients.


A place where food is prepared and consumed should be considered a high priority for the health of the crowd. Let us clean your food from pests today.


If you’re facing pest problems in your hotel room, we’re here to help you get rid of all the bugs from every corner of the most stubborn pest infestations. No matter how big and high the square meter of a hotel, we can take care of it.  including pool, bathrooms, condominiums, kitchen, conference rooms.


Schools, colleges, universities and any other educational institutions with students of all ages are also included in our plans. Special chemicals are used there with children in mind.

Office Property Management

We are highly concerned about the office areas since we can understand how hard it is to put up with a business or job during this crisis moment.so we are highly concerned for the office areas.Pest Control Service for Office or Pest Control service in Office.


One of the sensitive places that contain more life than all places combined. With this in mind, we have deployed our special task force to the hospital areas.


Factories can be filled with raw materials and other corrosive substances that are mixed with pesticides to form explosions. Please note that we are careful in operating these sites.

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