Disinfection Service

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Our range of disinfection services includes the following to ensure your facility is disinfected safely, thoroughly and in compliance with the law.

Disinfection Service

Disinfection service is one of the best solutions to prevent many deadly viruses like Covid19. Disinfection service means, in addition to bacterial spores, the removal of pathogens and pathogens. Degree. Hospital-grade disinfectants typically used in hospitals and other facilities can destroy many known infections and disease-causing bacteria. As for tigers Pest Control Co Dhaka we use professional experts who use special machines and liquid chemical solution or wet pasteurization process when we apply BD Tiger Pest Control Co disinfection service. There are nearly 1200 registered hospital grade disinfectants. efficiently in all kinds of establishments including your office, home, industrial plants, factories, dressing rooms, warehouses, hospitals, food factories Bangladesh including Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and Khulna at the best price. Contact Tiger Pest Control Co BD with your safety concern.

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Our legal technicians will practice the right treatment We will agree at the time of the treatment We will use risk-loose remedy for pets and children. So you do not must fear approximately your kids. We will paintings in a totally risk-loose manner.


To ensure that the problem is effectively resolved, we agree on the necessary services and prevention recommendations to prevent it from reoccurring