Pest control in Dhaka

Dhaka, being one of the most densely populated cities of the country, is being affected by numerous pests every year. So, what can we do to save our beloved city?
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Greetings to the official website of pest control in Dhaka. The site holds all the necessary information about pest control companies, their operational areas, price range, and appointment process. Along with these, you can also sign up for our very own pest control services. Navigate through the site to find out what suits you best.
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Services We Provide

bedbug control service


cockroach control service

Cockroach Control

rat control service

Rodent/ Rat Control

termite control service

Termite Control

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Mosquito control

ant control service

Ant control

snake control service

Snake Control

cleaning service

Cleaning service

disinfection service

Disinfection service

We serve many industries
Since Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh, naturally, it holds more industries than the rest of the divisions. People gather here every day in bulk, spreading in these industries, to seek a living. Pests find their way home anywhere there has been a human mark. So, eventually, all these industries fall victim to pest attacks, one way or the other.

Here are the establishments we, pest control in Dhaka, have taken under our umbrella of services so far, keeping the ever-growing situation in mind:
Multi-unit apartment

Our pest examination service

Pest control service is only successful when the pests are terminated from space for good. If you have to call a company every month to control the same pests in the same area, there must be something wrong with the service.

To consolidate the treatment at its best level, we provide a pest examination service for both your home and business properties. The assessment service helps us in various ways, which ultimately brings the best outcome for your space. Such as, for our planning, to put down preventive barriers, find the extent of the pests, see which stage the pests are in, etc.

If a pest control service eliminates pests, a pest examination service prevents them from recurring. Both these services work well together rather than individually.

About Pest Control in Dhaka

Pest control in Dhaka is an independent organization that provides pest control services all over Dhaka. Although we operate some other facilities along with it, pest control is our main specialization. We have been in the business for the past five years and are going stronger than ever before.

Our service is divided into two sections. One is the emergency service, and another is the scheduled service. The emergency service is for pest crisis moments when the situation goes out of hand out of nowhere. A separate team is trained to conduct this part of the business.

Their emergency team is responsive throughout the day and night, even during vacations. On the other hand, the scheduled service demands appointments from the customers. It is here for those who have experienced chronic pest attacks in their spaces and failed to do much about it.

Considering the situation, we have decided to include the pest examination service with the scheduled ones only. Emergencies do not come with much time to manage for assessments beforehand. In contrast, the scheduled services aim to terminate pests from the respective space for good, hence the idea of examination.

Apart from our regular services, we provide several voluntary activities throughout the cities that include raising awareness among the masses, educating them about pest-borne diseases, collecting funds for the lower-income families to help them fight pests efficiently, holding free seminars about Dengue, and so on.

Another service includes this website where, apart from our pest control services, you can find information about other pest control organizations with their respective facilities. Since we have not been in this sector for too long, we may still have some limitations in our services. So, we like to decide in your hand to pick from the bunch that suits your preference the best.

We are currently a Dhaka-based pest control company and yet to spread our branches to other divisions. But it has been listed as our number one priority, along with keeping pest attacks in check, to start operating in cities that may use our attention.

Our ultimate goal is to make Dhaka, and as a whole Bangladesh, a pest-free country, and we are humbled to have you by our side throughout the journey.

Why choose our professional pest control service

There are some basic criteria one needs to put a tick mark on before choosing a pest control service. The priority boxes include how we train our workers, how efficient our tactics are, and how responsive we are towards our customers.

As mentioned earlier, we are a newbie in the town compared to many of our worthy competitors. But even in this short period, we have managed to train around one thousand core workers with a hefty amount of experience. Although the number does not indicate much, we believe in quality more than quantity.

Speaking of quality, our workers are nationally certified to provide these sensitive services. They are efficient enough to distinguish among hundreds of species of pests and act accordingly. They are the best professionally and keen on keeping the customers happy with the quickest response possible.

That explains why our pest control organization has had 100% customer satisfaction over the years. None of our customers had to come back twice for the same treatment. Yes, we offered them such chemicals and strategies.

Why Pest control service is important

The more we can praise the extensive jobs of pest control, the better our lives as a citizen of Dhaka gets. But how so?

We all have stepped on a cockroach or slapped a mosquito once in our lives. The highest step might have been placing baits for rats or taking down an entire ant nest. Yet, does pest control stop here?

If you look around Dhaka, the first thing that catches the eye is how we have unsanitized garbage systems, open maintenance holes, factories filled with unhygienic raw materials, and all of these being a birthplace for nasty pests. The newly born and older pests give rise to numerous unknown diseases and make known diseases even more detrimental.

The missing piece of this puzzle can be a professional pest control service, putting an end to all these problems. The services target to uphold a safe and pest-free society, regardless of individual efforts.

What is pest control

Pest control can be defined as the process of keeping the number and growth of pests in check, regardless of the space and species. There are preventive and curative methods to do as such.

Curative methods include both physical tactics and chemical processes. On the other hand, prevention can be done by raising awareness among people and working as a society to keep it clean.